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Chronic Kidney disease(CKD) is now recognized as a major medical problem worldwide with the Global Burden of Disease(GBD) study 2015 ranked CKD 17th among the causes of morbidity and mortality. Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension are major causes of kidney failure and in India GBD ranks CKD as the eighth leading cause.  However, medical intervention from onset or diagnosis of CKD may facilitate retardation of progression of renal failure and make a huge positive difference to the quality of lives of patients and their families.

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OriGen Life Sciences has been established with a purpose of providing products/therapies to fulfill unmet medical needs in the management of various ailments of CKD. We combine unique range of knowledge, skills and experience that equip us precisely to provide personalized treatment options to Nephrologists in effectively managing and treating CKD.



To improve healthcare by providing standardized products and thus safer medicines for better patient outcomes.


We aim to provide healthcare professionals with most effective and safest therapeutic solutions to improve patients quality of life by adhering to highest ethical standards and core values.

Our Strategy

We focus on offering standard medicines to healthcare professions that fits   effective treatment options and help patients to regain their health and live longer.


All our products are contract manufactured at WHO GMP approved/compliant facilities having therapeutic quality standards. Stringent quality controls and quality assurances are done by internal and external audits to ensure impeccable quality.

Our Business Priorities

Our aim is to achieve long term sustainable growth and deliver value to Healthcare Professionals, Patients & Stakeholders.

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