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Our purpose underpins everything we do

Our values and purpose help explain:


Who we are, What we do, Why do we come to work every day

Values :

Integrity & Ethics, Passion & Empathy

Purpose :

We personalize healthcare by providing high-quality medicines at affordable prices which are trusted and recommended by Healthcare Professionals.

Who we are :

We are having over 2 decades of enriching experience in Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Industries with domain expertise in sales & marketing and a proven track record of deep understanding of therapies/products related to Nephrology, Rheumatology & Gastroenterology.  We have passion for following good science that ensures right treatment for the right patient at the right time.

What we do:

We are passionate about transforming patients lives by providing high-quality medicines, address their unmet medical needs and help patients regain their health. We commit ourselves to add sustainable value to healthcare by adhering to scientific rigor, unassailable  ethics and accelerate access to medicines that are safe, effective and affordable.

Why do we come to work every day:

We partner with healthcare professionals, allied technocrats & service providers and seek their valuable feedback in improving the quality of life of the patients and strive diligently to offer patient centric therapeutic solutions.  We ensure that our medicines get to the people who need them the most and make a huge difference to patients lives and their families.


To improve healthcare by providing standardized products and thus safer medicines for better patient outcomes.


We aim to provide healthcare professionals with most effective and safest therapeutic solutions to improve patients quality of life by adhering to highest ethical standards and core values.


All our products are contract manufactured at WHO GMP approved/compliant facilities having therapeutic quality standards. Stringent quality controls and quality assurances are done by internal and external audits to ensure impeccable quality.

Our Strategy

We focus on offering standard medicines to healthcare professions that fits   effective treatment options and help patients to regain their health and live longer.

Our Business Priorities

Our aim is to achieve long term sustainable growth and deliver value to Healthcare Professionals, Patients & Stakeholders.

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